Lite Components

One of Qwik's super powers lies in its lazy-loading features. Each component will generate a separate Symbol which is downloaded on demand. This allows you to build a large application with many components and only download the components that are needed for the current view.

But for some cases you may want to load a component together with the parent component. For example, if you have a <Greeter> component that is always used with the <App> component, you may want to load the <Greeter> component with the <App> component. This is called a lite or lightweight component.

In this example, the <App> and a <Greeter> components are prepared for you. The <Greeter /> component is declared using the component$() method and is a Qwik component. Remove the component$() to convert <Greeter> to a lite component.

Open the Symbols tab and notice that the <Greeter /> component is no longer an independent export, but instead is bundled as part of the <App> component.

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