Google Cloud Run Middleware

Qwik City Cloud Run middleware allows you to run a Qwik City app Google Cloud Run


To integrate the Cloud Run adaptor, use the add command:

npm run qwik add cloud-run

Production build

To build the application for production, use the build command, this command will automatically run npm run build.server and npm run build.client:

npm run build

Production deploy

After running npm run build you will have 2 build folders.

  • The dist folder will be created including all the static files.
  • The server folder will be created including all node server files.

To deploy the server, make sure you have created an account and authenticated with the gcloud CLI.

You will also need to update the name of your Cloud Run app in the deploy script in your package.json.

You can then run this command to deploy your app:

npm run deploy

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